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Veedijk 56 - B 2300 Turnhout - Belgium
Tel.: ++32 (0)14 60 00 70
Fax: ++32 (0)14 62 00 42

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The seeds of Bitos have been sown

"Another company that has to grow in the wide field of software ", we hear you think. Another, yes, but not a company: Bitos is the company that exceeds as a fresh and solid plant. As well for entrepreneurs who care for quality and look for administration-software as for quality-auditors Bitos acts as a reference; a leading company that compiles an exclusive cachet, playful dynamics and a thorough know-how that aims at practice. Bitos guarantees a service that is the most qualitative and flexible in the field.

Our mission is the development and commercialization of software that computerizes the various processes involved in quality systems. The Bitos plant caries by now different beautiful fruits: Mithras, Captos, Amaveri and Agaat.

Furthermore Bitos is active in related services as consultancy-tasks, interim-quality-management, education…Bitos has consultants who will gladly help to develop the quality system in your organization. Bitos guides your quality project from A to Z.

The seeds of Bitos have been sown: the software company that is planted that well that its only option is to flourish.

Laborama 2015

Bitos will be present at Laborama 2015. Laborama offers distributors and producers of laboratory equipment a platform where they can show their products, meet with potential clients, stay in contact with their existing relations and enhance their network within the sector.

The 16the edtion of Laborama Expo will take place on March 19 and 20, 2015 in Brussels Kart Expo in Groot-Bijgaarden.

Visitors can acces Laborama Expo for free, when they preregister.

Register now for Laborama 2015